Believe In Yourself Believes In Our Girls

Believe In Yourself Believes In Our Girls

I want you to imagine for a moment that you’re a young girl.  You choose the age.  You can be a little girl in kindergarten excited to have just started school.  You could be a middle school girl trying to blend into the crowd because let’s be real at that age who really wants to stand out.  You can even be a high schooler on the verge of crossing into “adulthood.”  Have you decided who you are?  Great.  Now imagine that you get to school and your teacher starts talking about a very special event.  Your teacher is telling your class all about an upcoming dance.  Your friends start to squeal with excitement.  The teacher can barely silence the chatter erupting from your classmates like mini volcanoes.  Your best friend turns to you and asks you if you want to go dress shopping.  You answer you won’t be going to the dance.

How do you think you feel in the moment?  Unsure of the answer?  Do you need more info?  The reason you tell your friend you won’t be attending is because you know your mom can’t afford to buy you a new dress or everything that goes along with the dance.  Sounds crazy.  It really isn’t.  In fact it is a reality for many.  Not only are there a number of young girls dealing with the already difficulties that come with adolescent but also with the added pressure of not having what their friends do.  What does that do for their self-esteem?  How does it effect a little girl’s confidence?

And think about that little girl’s mother or father.  How do you think they feel as a parent knowing they can’t provide the luxury of a new dress to their daughter because they’re busy trying to keep a roof over her head and food on her table?  This might sound far-fetched to some while others are right now nodding along because they have either been that parent or that little girl.

Believe In Yourself is a foundation founded by the founder of UsTrendy, the world’s largest Independent Fashion e-commerce site.  When Sam reached out to me I knew I had to share this foundation with you.  Spring is quickly approaching and so is the season of school dances.  While many are looking forward to this time with anticipation others are dreading it because they know they will be left out.  They will feel dread and anxiety as they listen to others planning what they can’t dream about.

Now, I get it, you might think I’m being a little dramatic here but I’m not.  See, I grew up one of those little girls that would tell my mom it wasn’t a big deal when I could participate in something because she couldn’t afford it.  Truth is it was a big deal.  Social events are HUGE in children’s lives.  Will it be the end of the world if they can’t attend one?  No, but they will miss out on experiences.  There are plenty of reasons why children might miss a school or community event let’s not let lack of funds be the cause.

Believe In Yourself goes into community centers, after-school programs and schools to help supply underprivileged girls with designer dresses for upcoming dances.  Their mission is promote a positive body image and healthy self-esteem among young women at an early age, empowering these young girls to feel good about themselves and to take on active social roles within their school communities.

Think about it…you’re not feeling fabulous.  Then you take a shower, put on that new dress you bought last week, do your hair and look in the mirror.  Doesn’t it do wonders for your mood?




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