Your Littles Will Flip For FlipaZoo

Your Littles Will Flip For FlipaZoo

I’m betting you have seen the commercials for Flipazoo.  I’m also betting your littles have asked you for one at least once (or a hundred times).  If you’re anything like me your response has been no.  Bet you didn’t see that coming!  Seriously, JustaBXgirl must have asked me for one every time the commercial came on and that’s a lot.  I’m one of those people though that know I can’t order something I see on TV.  Not because I don’t trust the item but because once I order one thing I will probably order everything.

We received these products for review purposes. As always opinions are honest and solely those of mine and JustaBXgirl.

I must admit though that I always thought the Flipazoos looked cool.  I mean, two toys in one if your think about it.  I would talk myself out of ordering it by saying we didn’t have space at home.  Ha!  Flipazoos fooled me.  We got to see and squeeze them in real life at the TTPM Spring Showcase.  Now I was able to see for myself how huggable they really are.  Still the no space thing, right?  Wrong!  Flipazoos now come in minis!!!!

Yup, and if you’ve been following me then you know we love all things MINI.  That was it.  Flipazoos and JustaBXgirl won me over and she is now the proud owner of a bunch of Flipazoo minis.  Oh, and did I mention there are blind bags??? Yup, you know we’re suckers for blind bags too.


JustaBXgirl was very happy when they arrived home to join her mini toy collection.  The 5 inch Flipzees plushies are fun and great going out companions as they fit in a bag and are big enough to not get lost while still being small enough to not be in the way.  And again, they are two toys in one so there goes the bringing extra toys battle won.  The minis are her preferred play item though.

She was really excited to get some rares in her small collection.   And of course is already asking for more.  That child is a collector at heart.  The colors are great.  They are nice and bright.  There are even glitter ones which are right up JustaBXgirl’s alley since glitter is one of her favorite colors.  There are 101 to collect so we will be working on these for a while.  Our dream finds will be the rainbow polar bear and the rainbow giraffe.  Have you started collecting these yet?


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