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3 Things To Make Your Tween Smile (Tween Holiday Gift Guide)

holiday gift guide, tween holiday gift guide

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3 Things To Make Your Tween Smile (Tween Holiday Gift Guide)

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  • holiday gift guide, tween holiday gift guide

    These are our top picks out of the items we received for consideration for this gift guide. As always, opinions are honest and solely those of mine and JustaBXgirl. Please note, this post contains affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase it will not cost you extra but this site will receive a small compensation.

    My oldest niece turns thirteen this month.  Eek!!! Where does the time go?  She’s leaving the tween stage and my nephews and godson are approaching it.  With this kind of pressure, I’ve been paying attention to products that I think they all will love. And I must admit that I kind of love myself.  To me, this is one of the most difficult ages to shop for because they’re not quite grown enough to get just gift cards yet not quite young enough to get regular toys.  The items on this list I think are just right to keep their interest and can be fun for everyone.

    youniverse, galactic bathbombs, diy bath bombs

    YOUniverse Galactic Bath Bombs – Science has never been as crafty as it is at this time.  Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb?  JustaBXgirl just bought my mother some for her birthday.  With this kit, your tween gets the chance to mix together compounds, add color, glitter and choose the bombs shape!  These are the gifts that can keep on giving.

    revell snaptite model kits, halo model kit

    Revell’s Snaptite Halo Model Kits – Looking for a way to get your tween gamer off the screen?  Bring their favorite vehicles to life. Revel has an amazing assortment of snap together models but this season I think the Halo versions are going to be the ones little will be looking forward to receiving.  When I was a little I used to enjoy putting together models of ships and planes.  I can’t tell you how many times I glued my fingers together.  Guess what…this version requires no glue!

    purple cow crazy scientist, survivors survival box

    The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist Lab Young Survivor Survival Skill Box – If you live in an urban area like we do then I’m sure getting your littles to learn about nature doesn’t come too easily.  This Survivor Survival Skill Box will be a great way to get the whole family into learning about nature and getting some basic skills a lot of us miss growing up in the city.  Also, it will help you prepare for when the zombie apocalypse happens and there are no fast food drive-thrus!  And don’t tell your littles but it is another AWESOME way for them to get some learning in while having lots of fun.  The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist has other kits you can choose from as well.

    Which of these would be the biggest hit in your home?



    1 Comment

    1 Comment

    1. Ruby A Cruz

      November 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm

      I am happy to report that I smiled so I am a TWEEN, lOL. Love all these ideas thanks

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