Toy Fair Faves 2020

Toy Fair Faves 2020

When I started drafting this post much earlier in the month I was taking forever writing it because there was just so much I wanted to share with you. I had so much fun spending three full days at Toy Fair 2020. Usually, I only attend on the weekend but there were a few favorite brands that I could only get appointments with on Monday so I did a bonus day. Next year, I hope to go for all four days.

I shared some of the fun on Instagram in my stories but then life took a left and our world became overwhelmed by COVID-19. It just didn’t feel right to talk about all of the fun and toys that I think people will love. I started thinking about how to make my content mean something at the moment. I mean, I hope my content always means something. I want to be a voice that you trust and depend on. When you read something I write I want you to know that it comes from a place of authenticity. Speaking about the joy of playing with brand new toys just didn’t feel authentic to me so this post has been sitting in my draft folder for a few weeks now.

I’m choosing to share this in the middle of madness because I realized that it is okay to share joy during times of fear. Living in NYC, where we have over 15,000 confirmed cases means my anxiety is on the rise. Throw in the fact that an effect of the chaos is me becoming unemployed then I am sure you can imagine that I am looking for silver linings all over the place. I realized as I kept coming back to this post that toys are an anchor for me.

I enjoy playing with them. One of my happiest places is watching JustaBXgirl play with her toys. Toys are such a major part of this blog and this blog means so much to me. Blogging about toys has introduced me to so many fabulous people both through brand employees, brand PR reps and other content creators. Many of those people are helping keep me calm through this storm. Toys are my anchor.

And right now, I need my anchor. I’m sure some of you are looking for an anchor too. Something to hold you steady and still. I don’t know if toys are it for you but I decided that I wanted to still share with you some of what I found at the last public event I attended.

My Instagram stories right now are all about resources to help us through this new normal. Please, friends, continue to share with me resources to share with others. In the meantime, if you need a break from distance learning and homeschooling and rationing and just plain worrying and stressing keep reading. You will find nothing more about what is happening outside. Instead, you will be transported to a simpler time. I’ll be taking you way back to February 2020 at the Javits Center where the fear and reality we are now living with was just beginning and didn’t stop hundreds of us from seeing what toys we were all hoping to play with this year!

Reveal The Death Eaters – You know that I’m here for all things Harry Potter. And this game allows up to 29 players to play at the same time!!!

Unsolved Case Files – This is right up my alley. All the hours of criminal investigations that I have watched has prepared me to be a board game investigator!

Schleich 85th Anniversary Golden Lion – I’m all for collectibles and how gorgeous is this one??? Edushape’s Build it yourself fun Trucks – I love toys that serve more than one purpose. The littles can build their trucks then spend hours playing with them.

Subway Surfer Toys!!! Yup, you read that correctly. I’m betting someone in your home has played Subway Surfer before. Now you can unplug and still keep having fun with the characters you love.

Super Telly 
The Learning Journey

Super Telly Teaching Time Clock – I can share that it has been really difficult getting JustaBXgirl excited to learn how to tell time on an analog clock thanks to her living the digital life. This would definitely get her excited and is SUPER cute! The Learning Journey has so many really cool and creative ways to get littles excited about learning.

Happy Nappers – JustaBXgirl asks for this EVERY time she sees the commercial. I wasn’t sold on them until Toy Fair. And I found out that they come in adult sizes so now I want one for myself!

Hatchimals Colleggtibles – You probably know that these are one of our favorite toys. We LOVE Colleggtibles and the new Cosmic Candy line is going to take the cake! Ha, I love a good pun. But seriously wait until you get a look at the latest playset for these little guys. It is a TWO-IN-ONE set and perfect for small places that don’t have a lot of storage space.

KLUTZ DIY Barrettes Hair Bows and Hair Ties – Now you know something like this had to make my list. JustaBXgirl wants to start making more of the items we sell at JustABow so this set is a great practice for her.

Disney Princess Style Kitchen – OMGosh. This was probably my favorite item from the entire weekend. JustaBXgirl has the original Disney Princess Style Kitchen. She’s had it since mid-2018 and it is still very much in use in our home. I can honestly say that it is the kitchen many of my friends have purchased for their littles because I have raved and raved about it. I didn’t even contemplate for a moment getting a different refrigerator for JustaBXgirl. I assumed that it would be our fridge of choice until she outgrew playing pretend with it. Now though, after seeing the new model, I’m no longer so sure. I still love the one we have and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon BUT once this new upgraded model hits stores I might have to think again!

Kitten Cafe Purrista Girls – We think these dolls are just purr-fect. We really enjoyed unboxing these when they first came out and are can’t wait to get our hands on the new ones.

LOL Surprise Light Ups – We started collecting these last year and now they have QUEEN BEE!!!! Gotta get our hands on her. JustaBXgirl adds them to her coat zipper and to her bags.

Gudetama – Do you know this guy? JustaBXgirl introduced me to him on Youtube and I LOVE him. I want these all and I don’t want to share them with her.

Healthy Roots Doll – How beautiful is Zoe? I was so happy to be able to stop by and learn about this beautiful 18-inch doll. Her natural hair can be done over and over again. JustaBXgirl told me that she will be saving up to get one of these.

iLuv’s Colored Gears – This was another fortunate find. The MEandMine line of products is fun, educational and emotionally satisfying. SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is a current goal and after having children stuck home for who knows how long it will be a critical part of ALL learning environments. This is a perfect way to check-in with littles about their feelings as well as introduce them to new ones).

Brick Mates Stack By Number- These are so much fun. JustaBXgirl completed one the other day and asked when she can get more. I adore that they are framed and ready to be hung up after completion.

FGTeeV Presents Into The Game – As you know we are huge FGTeeV fans. Seeing this new graphic novel made me super hyped. I know that it will keep JustaBXgirl entertained for hours and I am really happy that they are extending their reach.

Oh My Gif – Moose Toys has done it again. Just take all of my money now because these are so cute. They bring some of our favorite gifs to life. I am here to collect them all!

Cave Club – Look at how vibrant the colors are in these toys. This line combines prehistoric fun with friendship and I am here for it.

Creatable World – I am loving this concept for so many reasons. This doll is awesome and can become so many different people. Let’s talk about spy games, movie making and more.

Mira, Royal Detective – I love how vivid the colors are in these toys and the show itself. I wasn’t familiar with the show before Toy Fair but JustaBXgirl was and she was happy to hear that there would be toys to go along with it.

Hairdorables Love Trolls World Tour – Hairdorables has been one of our favorite dolls since they came out. There are so many awesome ones about to launch but this limited edition one topped my list at Toy Fair.

Calico Critters turns 35 this year!!! There are lots of fun ways that Epoch will be celebrating the but Stella wearing heels is my favorite!

American Plastic Toys is one of those brands that you don’t even realize that you love because they have sooooo many different products. Over the years we have had more items from this brand than I can count but we haven’t had this brand new wagon and I feel like we have been missing out!

Foodie Surprise Candy Slime – This was my lunch and I wanted to go back for seconds! I don’t usually add candy products to my Easter baskets but I have so much fun planned for them and Yolkies this season.

GOGO GACHAS – I can’t wait for these to come out from Redwood Ventures. These are going to be perfect for tweens stocking stuffers.

Moji – This dog will be so much better than having a real dog at home. Don’t hate me for saying it fur moms. Seriously though, this toy labradoodle is going to be so much fun with over 150 reactions.

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