8 Summer Essentials

8 Summer Essentials

8 Summer Essentials
Running around after a three year old doesn’t leave me lots of time to just lounge around during the summer.  We are constantly on the go.  Most days we will be out and about from early until late so it is important that I am always prepared.  Here is a list of my every day essentials for our adventures around town.

1 Midi Dress – I love summer fashion.  It is simple, carefree and colorful.  When I know we have a myriad of events for the day I choose a midi dress for it’s versatility.  I’m too short for  maxi! It works for playgrounds, parades, days at the zoo and even out to dinner and drinks with friends.  It is easy to dress up a casual maxi dress with some fancy accessories or sandals.


2. Romper – I love rompers year round.  They are my favorite thing to wear.  No fussing with picking a top and a bottom.  Simply pull out a romper and go.  And the variety!  So many different styles to choose.  For the summer I go for  fun rompers.  Shorts with spaghetti straps are my favorite.  Bright colors or patterns are even better!  Like the maxi dress these can go from day to night with the right accessories.  Myself?   I prefer to keep them to our daytime adventures.
3. Flip Flops – You either love or hate flip flops.  I love them.  From May to October do not ask me to wear any other type of shoe!  That being said I think it is very important to have a variety at your disposal.  Currently my favorites have big bows on the front.  I think I’m up to having them in four different colors.
4. Tote Bag – I gave up carrying a diaper bag a long time ago.  Still, I need something to hold all of my daughter’s things.  We attend a lot of events and receive a canvas bag at most of them.  If we’re going to the park or some other place that I’ll probably expect my bag to get dirty I’ll grab one of those.  If we’re going to a museum, out to eat or anywhere that I know won’t end with grass or dirt stains, I’ll usually opt for a more upscale tote.  Either way the contents are always similar, daughter’s change of clothes, sunglasses, toys that she won’t play with but needs to bring, funotastic thermos, snacks and iPad.
5. Waist Bag – I am single handedly trying to bring back the fanny pack!  Running after a three year old means I can’t be concerned about the bag I’m carrying.  I need my wallet, phone, keys on my person.  A waist bag gives me that freedom.
6. Thermos Tumbler – Regular water bottles are great during the other seasons but during summer I need something I can trust.  A thermos allows me to not worry about my water getting warm.  I fill it up with ice and water before we venture out and am guaranteed ice cold water all day (or until I need a refill).
7. Waterproof Phone Case – If you’re chasing after children during the summer chances are at some point you will be around water.  Get yourself a waterproof case before you need to replace your phone.
8. Travel Charger – I won’t leave home unless I have two of these in my tote bag.  I always leave with 100% on my battery but between social media and my daughter on Youtube my battery dwindles quickly.  Having at least one travel charger allows me to capture and share more memories.

What are your summer essentials?

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